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Fr PadraigDear Parishioners,

I feel so honored and blessed to have been part of this growing, vibrant, and diverse parish for almost ten years. We have always been a united and generous stewardship community. Most of all we have always been a community of faith. For this, we owe a great debt of gratitude to the parishioners and clergy that have come before us. We have been enjoying our fabulous Pope John Paul II Activity Center for several years. However, the center is truly only half built, as a decision was made to divide the project in two due to rising construction costs. But as my dad used to say, "Finish what you start".

It is almost a daily occurrence for me to say "If only we had the kitchen, conference and meeting rooms, childcare and youth space we could..." Currently we cannot offer familities a space for a funeral reception at St. Elizabeth Seton; we cannot welcome the poor for a week during the winter like other churches in our area; we cannot have overnight retreats for adulsts and teensw and have to send them away to retreat centers. We need to provide more child care facilities for family ministries; we need a multipurpose room for children/teens and adults; we need more meeting space and we need as a community, to be able to gather for a meal together.

We need to complete the Pope John Paul II Activity Center so that our faith family can have an adequate, safe, secure, welcoming place to gather in Christ's name. We are growing so rapidly, which is a wonderful blessing, but we need more "roo at the inn!"

I ask for the help of every family in the parish to achieve the completion of this project. I ask every family to participate in our Giving in Faith, Fulfilling Our Vision Campaign, especially those familities who were not part of our 2005 Campaign, and those new to our parish within the last six years. The campaign will be conducted in such a way as to inspire each parishioner and family to join us in giving in faith towards fulfilling our vision.

Not every family can make the same size gift, but everyone can make a sacrifice that is personal to you and your family. I ask you to take a careful look through this web site and consider a pledge commitment for the future of our parish.

I want to thank each family that has already generously given their time, talent, and treasure throughout the decades. It is with great enthusiasm and hope we present you the details or our campaign to meet the real needs of our community present and future.


Fr. Padraig

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